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Introducing automatic feeder to Ichi 

I have to go to school tomorrow and my schedule is not kind enough to fed Ichi myself, so i use the automatic feeder for Ichi’s dinner time. It is pretty good because you can adjust until 4 meals a day with different timing, how many days you want this feeder to be active with the same schedule, and the most thing that i like is the recording part!!! :)

Basically you can record your voice to this machine and call your pet :)
Of course not suggestible to a pet that cannot hear it’s own name haha..

And i tested, it works like charm!! But Ichi barked at it and refuses to eat from the tray! I put it outside and tested because Ichi is used to be at the front and back garden when nobody is around.

He didn’t want to eat unless i grabbed his food and fed him with my hands, then i think… this can’t be happening. So i decided to give a softer intro to the machine, i put it next to his bowl. And yeap!!! he ate it hahaha FAST!!

Funny thing happened after he ate it! He looked at the machine and stayed there for maybe.. 10 mins, i was in the living room and try to find out what is he doing haha.. and the picture shows it all.. I don’t really understand why he did that, but i did knock on the machine and told him that “Look Ichi, this machine will make mommy and you harm” hahaha.. but after that i think he got it somehow hahaha..

So i will try again tomorrow, and hopefully he doesn’t bark at it :)

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me - the “not” rest of the people

me: I would like to have non drowsy medicine
nurse: to some people this is not drowsy
me: what happened if I’m not like the rest of the people
nurse: hmmm I think you won’t because maybe hmmm around 10 ppl only 1 will say drowsy
me: according to what source?
nurse: …………. (silent)

** nurse don’t know what to say for 5 mins just bitting her lips **

me: it’s ok I’ll pay by nets

conclusion after I ate the medicine.. I’m feeling drowsy.. so I’m not that 9 people among 10